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Put Dynamic RFID Satellite Tags in SpongeBobs

SpongeBob has been in the news a lot lately, he has been a kidnapped Victim. As a substitute of contract killing time with an Amber Alert for SpongeBob, why not put an Dynamic RFID Satellite Tags in the SpongeBobs so we can track them to the culprits.

This would clearly be a major deterrent to the kidnappers.

Such a plan would assure the safe come again of Hostages such as SpongeBob and catch the citizens petrifying him?

SpongeBob needs armor and evidently we could use some carry out infectious kidnappers and those who intimidate our most advantageous people?

Apparently the temptation to break one's ethical code is easy if you cut the crime of theft or kidnapping to a prank? Infectious these thieves who steal the SpongeBob using the hottest equipment makes a lot of sense.

SpongeBob has been found on top of Group Houses, hanging in the lake and even left for dead along the roadside.

With advanced technology, we can save him, Effective RFID know-how has come a long way and the price per tag is appearance down to make it a advantageous tool to re-capture SpongeBob until the next prankster removes him again from his happy home.

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