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Marines dont take crap - humor


We live in a world of widgets. Citizens manufacture, distribute, and sell them. You name it, they're doing it. I have a associate who is a toilet paper salesman. God bless him. It's an admirable job and my butt and I give him a two ply thumbs up thank you butt it's not amazing I, personally, could ever do-do.

I have a alone who told me once that the litmus test for charming a job is if you meet a girl and you're humiliated to tell her what you do for a alive then you in all probability shouldn't be doing it.

Let me tell you about a career array I was never humiliated to tell girls about, the Marines. Make no mistake. The Marines are a business. We manufacture the world's finest fighting force, and deal out them worldwide to sell Democracy. If we have to, we'll kick their you know what, afford toilet paper to wipe their butts, and not even take their names since we wouldn't even know how to pronounce them.

The enemy commonly needs toilet paper when we get all the way through with them as when they see the Marines land we as a rule scare the crap out of them. What can I say? War stinks!

There's a lot of effects Marines do that stink. We don't like it and carp that it's not what we signed up to do.

We coupled the martial to see the world but all we end up as is bad coarsen and bad attitudes. So we say, "If I hunted to deal with this merde I'd have taken a summer break in hell or a chill leave in France. The Germans spanked them, we had to save their butts, and now they're diminutive unthankful terds.

I'd love to see a recruiter now. "You'll get to move the world. " Let's see, where I could have gone in the last ten years, Somalia, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Baghdad. Wow, can you throw in a free trip to Liberia?

It's hard to tell a benefit component that the grass is never greener on the other side for the reason that the spaces are young men and women go as a rule don't have grass but war has some positives. For instance, it educates the American people. If you asked most Americans what the first city of South Dakota was they'd say, "I don't know. " If you asked them the funds of Afghanistan they'd say, "That's easy, Kabul. "

They also learn geometry too, hello Sunni Triangle. The only challenge is in a few years they might make the confound of annoying to book a leave to the Sunny Triangle as they heard it was, to use the manner of speaking of our times, "The bomb. "

Marines in reality have to go to these sewer holes. They have to live there and endure and it is no joke to them or their families but they love it. I used to get a kick out of Marines who said, "This is the hardest job in the world. You never sleep and when you do it's in the dirt; you get to go hiking, with a 100 pound backpack on your back, and you get paid to visit areas of the world you'd never pay money to go on holiday to see, but it's the furthermost job in the world. You'll love it. "

Make no mistake, Marines love their jobs and as you in all probability know, are "The Few, The Proud. " Marines are prouder then game roosters and meaner then cocks. If the Marines made toilet paper it would be two ply steal plates in order to cover their butts when they use the head.

Being is a Maritime is a dirty job but the best part of it is that we don't take crap from anyone. Every young man and woman must do a stint. If you're interested, go down to your local recruiter and put your signature on a piece of paper, first one ply.

Michael P. Westhead is the break down of www. cutthroatcomedy. com which skin texture earliest quotes, jokes, cartoons, products, and articles focusing on politics, flow procedures and life in general.


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