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A few weeks ago I went to see a psychiatrist.

We talked about how I was feeling. I especially required to hit him in the face when he asked that. I didnt do that. I apologize for that now. No, I replied civilly and asked him if he accepted wisdom I came there since he is such a nice guy, and the chairs are exceedingly comfortable. He didnt say no matter which to that. He just smiled and I smiled back.

I shouldnt have done that

Then he asked me if I did any kind of drugs. I asked him if he had any, and if he belief it would help if I took some. He didnt think that was funny. But I did. Then he asked me what I brain wave the catch was. I told him my conundrum was that ancestors asked too many questions. Then he asked me why. I gave up on all at that point. I told him that.

I shouldnt have done that.

He told me I had a depression. That made me depressed. Then he told me to take some pills and fill out a form. That complete the basis I went there. Life sucks. Then I went home and felt ackward. I absolute to call a friend. My alone chosen the phone up. I told him that the doctor of psychiatry had told me I was depressed.

I shouldnt have done that.

My associate asked me alot of questions. I answered his questions. Then he went anxious on me, and treated me like a disease which considered necessary to be cured. Then I told him to go fuck himself. I never talked to that associate again. He told my other friends. They told their acquaintances who told their . . Nonentity wants to talk to me now. I told my child psychiatrist that last week. He told me that my depression was being paid worse. Then he gave me some stronger pills, and alot of new forms to fill out.

I shouldnt have done that.

I took the pills and packed out the forms. Then my doctor of psychiatry put me in this psychiatric ward im in today. The walls are white, and the straps are tight. I like it here. They say im going to be here for a long time. I dont mind. The nurses have nice tits, and they dont ask questions.

Thats what I did.


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