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Let me start by maxim that 'I am an American' Ok, there I have admitted it. But let me go on to make for myself to some extent more unpopular by signifying that our American citizens does acquaint with us with a range of constructive and activist aspects. (no - I am not being ironic yet) Ahead of you stop reading, let me answer that by portentous what I see as the best fault of our contemporary society. A self absorbed US-centric attitude? A destructive ill conceived alien guidelines that is destroying our reputation crossways the globe? No, neither of these. In my attitude the best tragedy is the lack of common irony in our daily lives and conversations.

So what is irony? Let me start by amplification the concept, so that at least my fellow Americans can appreciate the idea even if they do not get it. Merriam Webster Glossary (http://www. m-w. com) provides numerous definitions, with the next if a concise and exact explanation: "the use of words to communicate a little other than (and especially) the conflicting of the literal meaning. So if I trip over and say 'Gee - I'm co-ordinated today', that would be an illustration of irony. The act of lessening over is conflicting to the literal words. I have used this example, since some of you may be accepted wisdom 'Hang on, but isn't that the same as sarcasm?' I could of choice come back with by maxim 'Gee- aren't you adroit today', but I will stick to the shorter key of 'no'.

Although I have provided a definite clearness of irony above, there are in fact more than a few forms of irony. Sadly, for those associates who mix and match these concepts - sarcasm is not one of these forms. The exertion is that sarcasm is 'usually' said in an ironic way, but this is not continually the case. In short, it is feasible to have both sarcasm or irony lacking having the other. Going back to my earliest illustration where I fell over, if you had mocked me and said 'Gee - you're co-ordinated today', that would be sarcastic since of the disdainful snigger. But as you will consider from above it is also clear as irony. However, if you had mocked my poor disaster by adage 'Gee - aren't you unco-ordinated', then you will have lost the touch of irony and austerely descended to the buck form of wit - sarcasm. (For a advance description of the discrepancy among these two concepts see http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Talk:Irony#Irony_vs_Sarcasm)

So in essence irony can be misunderstood as sarcasm since the two concepts do overlap. Sarcasm must have the contemptuous or derogatory tone, and the awkwardness consequently arises since so often sarcasm occurs when creation ironic statements which are assured when evidently a touch depressing is intended. Just to be confusing, I note the budding for both parody and satire to incorporate both irony and sarcasm for even bigger effect. (http://www. modern-masterpieces. com)

So, do Americans especially not absorb irony? It would seem doubtful given its close bond with sarcasm, but still possible. It is true that many English comedians find the American tour more arduous for this very reason. The fact that irony is used to another achieve in the US does not mean that it is not used to hefty and conspicuous purpose.

The world wide achievement of shows like The Simpsons and Seinfeld is incompletely attributed to their fantastic use of irony. These shows both allow ironic humor to seep out, in stark compare to the more conventional comedy setups of so many American sitcoms, which are far more gag focussed.

To conclude this divide up of self admiring praise for how us Americans DO in point of fact be au fait with and use irony, I note the two (American) Fair Globes awarded to the very ironic English sitcom The Agency (http://www. bbc. co. uk/comedy/theoffice).

What is that you say? The Globes are voted for by Hollywood's distant press too, and this is apt to have been a big influence, above all given the moderately small scale sensation of the show in America. Ok, a fair expansion I guess. But secondly, and far more distressingly, The Company has been remade for the US market. So, at the outset we heap accolades on this fine piece of box and then we deconstruct it, de-irony it, Americanise it and repackage it. Perfect! I think the whole case could be lost on this sad point alone.

Do not distress however, the surge of irony is coming, and will not be stopped. It has been said that Americans take themselves too dangerously to drop irony into everyday conversations. Well, there is hardly doubt in my mind that this is changing. Lines from shows such as The Simpsons are being derivative and used by millions of offspring crossways this great land, and bit by bit but assuredly the old gags that pleased earlier generations will give way to this privileged form of humor - 'irony'.

Well, I think that clean up issue - not!


Michael Watson intentional English Text at University, where he gained an appeal in literary censure above all connecting to drama and prose fiction. Michael has more a moment ago focussed on genres of text and literary techniques. As a side advantage Michael manages http://www. thedreaminterpreter. com


http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Talk:Irony#Irony_vs_Sarcasm

http://www. modern-masterpieces. com


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