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In Southern Germany in a town by the name of Bayreuth, the German law are in a quandary. The town's dog poo is under attack. Park officials are careless to resolve what could develop into an worldwide incident. Mysterious character or personnel have been sticking a small amount US flags into piles of doggie poo for over a year now.

Surprisingly the dog poo brigade has managed to aim amid 2,000 to 3,000 abandoned piles of excrement in Bayreuth civic parks. Quite who in reality counted them all and provided these figures is debatable but the basis is rumoured as appearance from the Parks Executive - Josef Oettl. And you wondered what your parkie did each day?

What was brain wave to have on track as a announce alongside the Iraqi war has continuous because of the US ballot vote crusade and is still a common occurrence today. Have the German's not heard of poop a scoop? Assuredly all self respecting German citizens assemble their doggie poo. Poop in the parks and pavements was certainly just a British thing?

German keep watch over are now stepping up patrols in order to catch these offenders. However, the poo could hit the fan if they ever tried to bring them to court. It is ambiguous what they would in point of fact allegation them with as there is no law adjacent to using doggie poo in this way. In fact, you could fly any flag from any piece of turd you find lying around. It's not banned but it cannot be a affable task.

Surely this wouldn't catch on over here in the UK - would it?

From Birmingham UK Com. (http://www. birminghamuk. com)


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