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Sell [Your] Phones

Today while forceful I saw a young girl, maybe about 11 years old, on a cell phone. She was under your own steam along the side of the avenue conversation to someone, and I couldn't help but think that maybe she was conversation to a big name athwart the avenue as she wasn't acceptable to cross it.

Valet Parking: Theft with Consent

This discourse is long overdue. To put it in documentation terms, which I guess I before now did (but I'd like to elaborate), this article is like glance out a book in 1998 but not habitual it until yesterday.

When Humans and Dogs Collide: Negotiations for Todays Varying Times

This break of day I certain to find myself. I firstly looked accelerate to the spiritual journey that would circumscribe who I was as a person.

The Covert Driveway

I won't lie: there are a lot of belongings I want in life, and some of them I'd even pay for. Instead than inventory them in some directionless order so that I can feel bad about not having these things, I will in its place focus on one thing that is in fact attainable: a covert driveway.

Starbucks Going into Hilton

Well, I hope you did not read that headline wrong, Crew Associate Starbucks is not doing Paris Hilton. What I am axiom here is Starbucks will now be obtainable in some Hilton Hotels.

Bed Bugs Bite

I just crooked on the news a exact ago and wondered why there weren't news flashes about when -- and conceivably where -- ancestors are revolving on the news. Every now and then it is a slow news week, and there's not much to read in Newsweek, so maybe this could take up some space.

A Lawyers Choice Lawyer Jokes

Lawyer JokesQ: How does a pregnant woman know she is haulage a hope lawyer?A: She has an acute hankering for baloney.Q: What is the legal clarity of "Appeal"?A: Amazing a character slips on in a grocery store.

Coffee Tips (and the Purging Thereof)

I have freshly befall frustrated with a little at doughnut establishments, and I'm not referring to the scones, even if -- critically -- just think about the copy potential if I were. Rather, it's the tip cup that bothers me.

Eye Spy Potatoes

Lately I've had the challenge of diminishing having a lie-down with my call lenses still in my eyes. And by "lately," I mean for the past seven years.

The Worlds First Comedian?

If you ever saw Aristophanes live on stage, you must be from the bottom of your heart old. That's since he appeared about 400 B.

He Had It Coming, Your Honor

This past week as Mr. Man and I lounged about our expansive estate, I realized that my life is just way too laid back.

The Jokes On You -- Who Must be the Butt of Your Jokes?

This critique was prompted by a little I heard (second hand) about the act of a local performer at a child's birthday party. Now, granted, this wasn't done by a clown, but I've seen clowns doing analogous things.

How to Build a Cobbled House

He huffed and he breathless and he blew the house down - emphatically not if the house was built with cobblestones. Construction cobbled houses was a folk art that flourished in upstate New York from 1825 until the Civil War in 1860.

[Not So] Outgoing Mail

I am presently bewildered by the conception of outgoing mail. I mean, I appreciate it in theory, but today I tried chatting to it and it didn't even respond.

American Freedom - The True Story

It was late in 1775, and King George III was at Buckingham Palace, meeting in deep mood on his commode. His 13 year old son Prince George (yes, they were very imaginative with their names, those royal types), was meeting on the floor nearby, or else engaged with the 18th century comparable of Game Boy: a model soldier with a rifle sat on a model elephant, shooting at a model tiger two planks of wood away.

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